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Why choose Laminate over LVT?

In recent years there has been a dramatic increase in the popularity of LVT, or Luxury Vinyl Tile, floors in both the domestic and commercial markets. This has put these floors in direct competition with Laminate flooring. These floors have many things in common, yet remain to very different types of floor covering.

The fact remains however, that Laminate flooring has many benefits which make it the floor to choose for the best possible floor covering for your home.

- Its the hardest wearing floor covering you can install in your home.

- The choice of decors, styles, sizes and different ranges give you unparalleled options to best suit your surroundings.

- As Laminate flooring is laid as a floating floor, the underlay used can offer a certain amount of thermal insulation keeping your floor warmer than a fully bonded LVT which will be as cold as the concrete sub-floor it is laid upon.

- One benefit an LVT floor has traditionally had over a Laminate floor has been its resilience to water. This is where Laminate flooring has really hit a development spike. Many ranges available from Quick Step Laminate flooring now come with their Hydra-seal technology which produces a waterproof surface to the floor.

- Laid as a floating floor gives Laminate flooring a preferable "cushioned" fell when the floor is walked upon, in contrast to the art, unforgiving feel which an LVT floor can give.

- The depth of the textured surfaces of a Laminate board give a realism to your floor not achievable with an LVT floor which can sometimes appear flat and almost clinical in appearance.

With so many reasons to choose Laminate flooring over LVT, the choice is obvious!

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