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At Northampton Wood Flooring, we pride ourselves on our renovation work. Fewer and fewer companies are now offering this service and it is fast becoming very difficult to secure the services a reputable company to complete your project. Well look no further, no matter what your requirements, we can provide a fast, clean and hassle-free refurbishment of your existing wooden floor.


When a wooden floor becomes worn, scratched and dull, many people fear the worst and consider a replacement. Stop right there! No matter how badly worn or damaged, nearly all wooden floors can be restored to their original condition through a careful process of sanding and renovation. Obviously this is limited to engineered, structured, and all types of solid wood flooring. Laminate floors cannot be restored in this way due to their construction. In many cases, age adds character and beauty to a real wood floor, which can be revealed once the renovation has taken place. 


Take a look below, two pictures of the same area of a solid Maple strip floor. On the left you can see it during sanding. The photo shows it looking very worn, dirt ingrained and tired, along with once the sander has stripped the top surface layer. On the right however, once sanded and finished with lacquer, the floor is once again brought to life, the colours vibrant, and the different grain patterns exposed to show the true beauty of the floor. Its like having a brand new floor, at a fraction of the price.


Whatever your requirements, we are more than capable of handling it. We have completed renovation projects from small residential hallways to sports halls of 250 square metres or more, and everything in between. 

Even if there are blocks missing, or damaged boards, these can be replaced, repaired or filled to restore your floor to its best. We have never encountered a floor beyond restoration.

A major worry many people have is the amount dust that is going to be created during the process. The sanding machines we use officially collect between 85% and 90% of all dust created, (although we believe this figure to be higher). In addition, you can be assured that our craftsmen will take every step to ensure that after the floor is sanded, the area will be fully vacuumed out to leave it as clean as it was before.

Once fully sanded, the floor needs be finished with some form of seal to protect against dirt ingress and spillages. The most common finishes used currently and their properties are:

Water based lacquer-

Very hard wearing, maintenance free, gives the best protection against spillages. Very low drying time.

Natural Oil- 

Natural matt appearance, will need re-oiling at times, scruffs/scratches can oiled to hide them.

Hard Wax Polyx Oil - 

More hard wearing than a natural oil, relatively maintenance free, not as shiny as a lacquer. Long drying time.


The majority of floors we renovate are finished with a Bona water based lacquer. These are the market leaders in floor finishes and the benefits listed it above make it the natural choice. Should you require an alternative finish, we would be more than happy to discuss your options.

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