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Its all about education!

Mosaic wood floor recently refurbished in Peterborough

At Northampton Wood Flooring, we can cater for relatively small sanding jobs in domestic properties, right up to school halls of many hundreds square metres. Above is a picture of a wooden floor we recently repaired and refurbished for a school in Peterborough. A truly stunning result! This floor had reclaimed blocks patched in to create a continuous floor to the opening created by a new extension.

Things aren't always as straight forward as they could be though! They can be a little more challenging....

This is what we are completing this week! Over the past 3 years we have painstakingly been refurbishing the wood floors in every class room at The Russell Street Primary School in Stony Stratford. If you will excuse the pun, this is the last piece of the jigsaw. The "Kingfisher" room, we discovered, had all become loose over time due to the failure of the old bitumen adhesive. This meant that each block in turn had to be lifted and individually re-bonded using a special adhesive. Then, once set, the entire room was sanded and lacquered to create a stunning classroom. Finished pictures to follow....

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