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Revive that tired looking floor!

Over the years, having seen thousands of floors, there have been very few floors that I have come across that cannot be revived through the process of sanding. Removing the top layer and stripping a floor back to bare wood, then resealing brings a wooden floor back to its original beauty without the need for replacement. In addition to the financial saving, in todays society where more and more, we as consumers are trying to do our bit to be as environmentally friendly as we can, renovating your floor instead of replacing is another step in the right direction to save our planet.

Below are some pictures from a recent renovation we have done in Northampton. The floor was badly scratched and where a new hearth had been installed, some new Oak flooring had been fitted around and so did now not match the rest of the floor that had been stained. We were called in to fully sand the entire floor, stain the floor to match the previous colour, and finish with a water based Bona lacquer. See the results below.

To discuss you wooden floor requirements call us today on 07843 970909.

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